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e-BooksA book is a book is a book? An in-depth study of e-books in Sweden Details
Nanomanufacturing: A Capsule VersionA Capsule Version of: Nanomanufacturing: Emergence and Implications for U.S. Competitiveness, the Environment, and Human Health Details
A Constructive Technology Assessment of Stationary Energy Storage Systems Details
A doctor's office in your pocketA doctor's office in your pocket Details
healthy-future-potatoA healthy future for the potato Details
responsible-digital-societyA responsible digital society Details
A Sustainable Danish Transport SystemA Sustainable Danish Transport System Details
Building energy consumptionA way for implementing regulations on energy consumption in new buildings Details
ALPEAcceptation Locale des Projets Eoliens Details
Access networkAccess network competition Details
Access to public contentAccess to content produced by Polish state institutions Details
MobilityAccess to public transport and mobility in Poland Details
APPEARAccessibility Projects: sustainability, Preservation and Enhancement of urban subsoil Archeological Remains. Details
Accessing PTAccessing Public Transport Details
Environmental protection ActivitiesAccompanying research on sector-oriented environmental protection activities in Austria Details
New KnowledgeAcquiring New Knowledge Details
Climate changeAdapting to climate change in developing countries Details
Climate change UKAdapting to climate change in the UK Details
Addictive behavioursAddictive behaviours Details
Additive Bio-Manufacturing (STOA-ABM)Additive Bio-Manufacturing: 3D Printing for Medical Recovery and Human Enhancement (STOA-ABM) Details
Additive manufacturing (3D printing) Details
Additive Manufacturing Technology Assessment: Implications at the Metal Sector Details
Advanced ManufacturingAdvanced Manufacturing Details
Aging societyAging society Details
Agricultural ProductionAgricultural Production Details
Akademische Spin-offs in Ost- und Westdeutschland und ihre Erfolgsbedingungen Details
Algorithmic imaginariesAlgorithmic imaginaries: Visions and Values in the shaping of search engines Details
Algorithms in digital media and their influence on opinion formation Details
Shale gasAlternate techniques in the hydraulic fracturing for exploration of shale gas Details
Custodial sentencingAlternatives to custodial sentencing Details
AlzheimerAlzheimer's and dementia Details
Ambient AirAmbient Air Quality Details
Ambivalenz und Widersprüche: Die Einstellung der deutschen Bevölkerung zur Technik. (2. Sachstandsbericht zum Monitoring »Technikakzeptanz und Kontroversen über Technik«) Details
Sustainable nuclear wastesAn act in 2006 on the sustainable management of nuclear wastes Details
Ageing workforceAn ageing workforce Details
Radioactive materialsAn evaluation of the national plan for the management of radioactive materials Details
Inspired SocietyAn inspired Society Details
Anaerobic digestionAnaerobic digestion Details
Analogue to digitalAnalogue to digital switchover Details
Analyse netzbasierter Kommunikation unter kulturellen Aspekten - Internet und Demokratie Details
ANAGOAnalysis of On-Going Rural Development Projects Involving Telematic Systems Use Details
Preventive technologiesAnalysis of the feasibility and economic potential of technologies which consider prevention of environmental problems Details
Anti-Ageing MedicineAnti-Ageing Medicine – Myths and Chances Details
Antibiotic resistenceAntibiotic resistence Details
Antimicrobial resistanceAntimicrobial resistance in the environment Details
Agro-biotechApplication of biotechnologies to agriculture ... Experts contributions Details
Agro-biotechApplication of biotechnologies to agriculture and the agro-food industry Details
BioethicsApplication of the law of 29 July 1994 concerning bioethics Details
Application potential of remote sensing for developing countries Details
PTA-AgeingApproaches for Technology and autonomous living Details
Appropriating living organismsAppropriating living organisms Details
Arbeiten in der Zukunft – Strukturen und Trends der Industriearbeit Details
Arctic changesArctic changes Details
Århus conventionÅrhus convention Details
Artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence: Clever or frightening? Details
AsbestosAsbestos in the human environment: its consequences and its future Details
Capacity for WorkAssessing Capacity for Work Details
Air emissionsAssessment of air emission impacts of emerging technologies Details
Assessment of daylight saving time Details
FisheriesAssessment of marine resources and fisheries management Details
Energy researchAssessment of national strategy about research in energy Details
Stem cellsAssessment of research on stem cells (art.26 of the Bioethic law) Details
Assistive technologies (STOA-AT)Assistive technologies for the inclusion of people with disabilities in society, education and jobs (STOA-AT) Details
Assistive technologyAssistive technology Details
OECD-G8Austrian contribution to a part of the OECD report to the G8 on ,Biotechnology and other Aspects of Food Safety' Details
Auswirkungen des Einsatzes transgenen Saatguts auf die wirtschaftlichen, gesellschaftlichen und politischen Strukturen in Entwicklungsländern Details
Auswirkungen moderner Biotechnologien auf Entwicklungsländer und Folgen für die zukünftige Zusammenarbeit zwischen Industrie und Entwicklungsländern Details
AutismAutism Details
CIVISTI-AALAutonomous Living – Citizen's visions for a more independent ageing are turned into recommendations for the Viennese city government Details
Autonomous VehiclesAutonomous Road Vehicles Details
Autonomous weapons systems. Details
Balance of interests in infrastructure projects: Options for action with regard to local communication and organization Details
Water supplyBalancing water supply and the environment Details
Barriers to the establishment of new key technologies Details
Comparative TABasics for Establishing an Information System for a Comparative Technology Assessment Details
Better brainsBetter brains Details
Big DataBig Data Details
Biobanken für die humanmedizinische Forschung und Anwendung Details
BiocharBiochar Details
BiodiversityBiodiversity & Planning Decisions Details
BiodiversityBiodiversity and climate change Details
BiodiversityBiodiversity and the preservation of the genetic heritage Details
BiodiversityBiodiversity in UK Overseas Territories Details
BiodiversityBiodiversity indicators Details
BiodiversityBiodiversity offsetting Details
Bioenergieträger und Entwicklungsländer Details
BioenergyBioenergy Details
BiolawBioethics and biolaw in Austria Details
BiofortificationBiofortification Details
BiofuelsBiofuels Details
BiofuelsBiofuels from algae Details
Biogas plantsBiogas plants in Poland - an undiscovered source of energy? Details
Biomass fuelBiomass fuel - second Generation Details
BiomedicalBiomedical research Details
Biomedizinische Innovationen und klinische Forschung. Wettbewerbs- und Regulierungsfragen Details
BiometricsBiometrics - public hearing Details
Biometrie und Ausweisdokumente. Leistungsfähigkeit, politische Rahmenbedingungen, rechtliche Ausgestaltung Details
Biometrische Identifikationssysteme Details
BiomimeticsBiomimetics potentials in Austria Details
Biosimilar medicineBiosimilar medicine, public hearing Details
EurobarometerBiotechnology and the Public. An International Study of Policy, Media Coverage and Public Attitudes from 1973 to 1996 Details
acatechBiotechnology Communication Details
Biotechnology patentsBiotechnology patents Details
Biotech policyBiotechnology, the Public and Social Sustainability. Possible paths to follow for Austrian biotechnology policy Details
blockchain-shifting-trustBlockchain: shifting trust? Details
BASEBottom-up Climate Adaptation Strategies towards a Sustainable Europe Details
Brennstoffzellen-Technologie Details
Bridging present and future of Brain-Computer Interfaces: Assessments of Impact Details
Health broadbandBroadband telecommunications serving the Health Care System Details
Health broadbandBroadband telecommunications serving the Health Care System - public hearing Details
BuildingBuilding, living and energy Details
Shopping um die WeltBÜRGERINNENFORUM Nachhaltigkeit und Konsum 2015: Jugendliche beziehen Stellung Details
BusInesS and InnOvation Support PLUSBusInesS and InnOvation Support PLUS Details
Welfare Society?Can the Welfare Society Endure? Details
CancerCancer and pro-active health care Details
Carbon footprintCarbon footprint of electricity generation Details
caring-healthCaring for health Details
Energy SupplyCentral and decentral energy supply Details
Cervical cancerCervical cancer Details
Challenges for plant breeding. Impact of the structural change in plant breeding on genetic diversity, diversity of varieties and performance of domestic agriculture Details
NanoChallenges of nanotechnology Details
Chancen und Perspektiven behinderungskompensierender Technologien am Arbeitsplatz Details
European Public SphereChanging Media and the Formation of a European Public Sphere Details
Children's medicinesChildren's medicines Details
Hepatitis CChronic hepatitis C – Implications for therapy and the assignment of economic resources in Austria Details
Hep C modelingChronic Hepatitis C in Austria: Decision Analytic Modelling Details
CIMULACTCitizen and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020 (CIMULACT) Details
Citizen Summit on Danish BiodiversityCitizen Summit on Danish Biodiversity Details
Citizen Summit on the ClimateCitizen Summit on the Climate in Region Sjælland Details
Citizen Summit on Regional DevelopmentCitizen Summit on the Regional Development of Region Nordjylland Details
CIVISTICitizen Visions on Science, Technology and Innovation Details
Clean coalClean coal technologies Details
Clean waterClean water and MDGs Details
Delphi-EnvironmentCleaner Production and Sustainable Development in the Technology-Delphi Austria Details
Cleaner TechnologiesCleaner Technologies in the 4th Framework Programme of the EU – An Analysis of Submitted Project Proposals Details
Climate adaptationClimate adaptation: the challenges for Flanders Details
Climate changeClimate change and its consequences Details
Climate changeClimate change science Details
Energy transitionClimate change, energy transition overtaking the crisis Details
Energy transition (2)Climate change, energy transition overtaking the crisis - public hearing Details
Climate changeClimate change: engagement and behaviour Details
BaltCICAClimate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region Details
Climate EngineeringClimate engineering: Technical status, future directions, and potential response Details
Climate policyClimate policy Details
Climate VariabilityClimate Variability and Weather Details
Clinical research in Germany with special focus on non-commercial studies Details
Clinical trialsClinical trials Details
CloningCloning, cell therapy and the therapeutic use of embryo cells Details
Cloud ComputingCloud Computing Details
ECHTACo-ordination of HTA activities in Europe Details
CO<sub>2</sub>-Abscheidung und -Lagerung bei Kraftwerken Details
CO2 captureCO2 capture, transport and storage Details
Coastal ManagementCoastal Management Details
Coherence & Coordination in Health CCoherence and Coordination in the Health Care System - Can IT Make a Difference? Details
Grey FlandersColourful Flanders turns into grey Details
COSYCommunicating Synthetic Biology Details
Regulatory ChoiceComparative analysis of international co- and self-regulation in communications markets Details
e2democracyComparative Assessment of eParticipation in the Context of Sustainable Development (e2democracy) Details
AuthoringComparison of procedures for the release of genetically modified organisms in Europe Details
Mobile medical equipmentCompatibility between mobile telephony and medical equipment - public hearing Details
Computer crimeComputer crime Details
Computer gamesComputer games and violence Details
SynchrotronConditions governing the location of a new synchrotron Details
TA'01Conference 'Technology Assessment in Austria' <font color='white'>TA'01</font> Details
Conference on Sustainable CitiesConference on Sustainable Cities Details
EESD 2008Conference Organisation EESD 2008 Details
Meeting of MindsConnecting Brains and Society Details
ChernobylConsequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Details
AccepTECHConsumer acceptance of climate-relevant technologies in housing Details
Consumer CardsConsumer cards – new technologies – new problems? Details
Genetic TestingConsumer Genetic Testing Details
Consumer IndebtednessConsumer indebtedness by credit cards in Europe. Questionnaire for Austria Details
Consumers in the netConsumers in the net Details
ELISAConsumption Oriented Solutions for Smart Grids in Austria Details
HandicapsContributions made by science and technology to compensate for handicaps Details
Converging technologiesConverging technologies Details
PlutoniumConverting stocks of military plutonium to civilian use Details
Corporate technology assessment applied to the manufacture industry of the high-speed train Details
CosmeticsCosmetic Procedures Details
Sustainable TransportCost-Benefit Analysis and Sustainable Development within the Transport Sector Details
Counterfeit medicinesCounterfeit medicines Details
Creative AccessCreative Access: Digital archives between open knowledge society and commodification in Vienna Details
AK6Credit Scoring in Austria – Austrian Chamber of Labour study examines needs for regulation Details
CRISPRCRISPR: Five New Debates on Genetic Engineering Details
Crop protectionCrop protection Details
CrowdsourcingCrowdsourcing Details
Current status and developments of prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis Details
Cyber securityCyber security in the UK Details
CyberbullyingCyberbullying among youngsters in Flanders Details
CyberscienceCyberscience: The future of research in the age of information and communication technologies Details
CybersecurityCybersecurity Details
CybersecurityCybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection Details
Pervasive ComputingDas Vorsorgeprinzip in der Informationsgesellschaft: Auswirkungen des Pervasive Computing auf Gesundheit und Umwelt Details
Data and Analytics InnovationData and Analytics Innovation: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges Details
Data EncryptionData Encryption Details
Data PreventionData prevention in practice – Individual and societal responsibility Details
Data-Mining – social and legal challenges Details
Dealing with ignorance in exploratory experiments Details
Debating scienceDebating science Details
DESSIDecision Support on Security Investment Details
Decision-making process in radiology: the magnetic resonance example in the TA context Details
Decisions of technology innovation – The role of indicators Details
Deconstructive DesignDeconstructive Design Details
DeforestationDeforestation Details
Delaying gratificationDelaying gratification Details
Delivery DronesDelivery Drones Details
Smart responseDemand Response for Austrian Smart Grids Details
Demand-Side ResponseDemand-Side Response Details
DEMO_netDEMO_net: The Democracy Network Details
Biotechnology & DemocracyDemocracy and biotechnology – The Austrian biotech conflict in an international perspective Details
DESSIDesicion Support on Security Investments Details
Detecting deceptionDetecting deception Details
Domestic EnergyDeterminants of the domestic energy use Details
Social SustainabilityDetermination of the social sustainability of genetically modified products Details
Clean Technologies DatabaseDevelopment of a web-based data base for research work on clean technologies Details
RenewablesDevelopment of renewable energy sources Details
Rural developmentDevelopment of rural areas Details
Semiconductors and nanoDevelopments in semiconductors and the link with micro- and nanotechnologies Details
SemiconductorsDevelopments in semiconductors... - public hearing Details
Semiconductor industryDevelopments in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry Details
SemiconductorsDevelopments in the semiconductor industry Details
DementiaDiagnosing dementia Details
Die Verselbständigung des ComputersDie Verselbständigung des Computers Details
Diet and cancerDiet and cancer Details
DiffusionDiffusion of the scientific, technical and industrial culture Details
Digital divideDigital divide Details
Digital divideDigital divide and education Details
Digital media in education Details
Digital preservationDigital preservation Details
Digital riskDigital risk: PUBLIC HEARING Details
Digital safetyDigital safety and risks Details
Digital healthDigital technology and health Details
Digitisation of agriculture Details
dilemmas-digital-democracyDilemmas of Digital Democracy Details
Genetic Testing IIDirect to consumer genetic testing Details
DisaffectionDisaffection for scientific studies Details
Disruptive innovation: Assessment of cloud computing applications Details
Driverless carsDriverless cars Details
DronesDrones and safety of the nuclear installations,public hearing Details
Drones in the arcticDrones in the arctic Details
Drug DrivingDrug Driving Details
Drug pricingDrug pricing Details
TuberculosisDrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Details
e-AdministrationE-administration in Poland Details
E-Commerce Details
E-democracyE-democracy Details
eDem EUE-Democracy (STOA): Technical possibilities of the use of electronic voting and other Internet tools in European elections (STOA) Details
E-democracyE-democracy stakeholder analysis Details
E-dingesE-dinges technology event Details
One StopE-Government II: One-stop government in Austria Details
E-Government in AustriaE-Government in Austria: implementation progress, service take-up and impacts Details
e-Healthe-Health - benefits and business potential Details
E-HealthE-Health Care Details
e-Learning in der beruflichen Aus- und Weiterbildung Details
E-votingE-voting - a Challenge for the Democracy? Details
E-voting - A Choice for the Future?E-voting - A Choice for the Future? Details
AspergillosisEarly recognition of aspergillosis Details
Eating disordersEating disorders Details
ECOECO - Efficient Transport Details
Eco-TransportEco-efficient Transport Details
€CO2ECO2-Management: The relevance and importance of smart electricity meters for climate change policy Details
Risk AssessmentEcological Impacts of Traditional Crop Plants - A Basis for the Assessment of Transgenic Plants? Details
Ecological networksEcological networks Details
eCommerceeCommerce: Impacts of eCommerce Revisited Details
EcosystemEcosystem service valuation Details
Acute Coronary SyndromeEffectiveness of Glycoprotein IIb/ IIIa Receptor Antagonists for Acute Coronary Syndrome Details
Gene AnalysisEffects of gene analysis on individuals and society Details
eHealtheHealth publifocus and the electronic patient file Details
Einsatz nachwachsender Rohstoffe im Wohnungsbau Details
eLearning in Forschung, Lehre und Weiterbildung Details
Electric mobility concepts and their significance for the economy, society and the environment Details
Electric vehiclesElectric vehicles Details
ElectricityElectricity in the UK Details
Electricity storageElectricity storage Details
Electroencephalographic assessment in children with auditive deficits Details
Electronic DemocracyElectronic Democracy: Europeans have a Say - Online debates and consultations in the EU Details
e-government IElectronic information services in the public administration (E-Government I) Details
Electronic MoneyElectronic Money: Institutional Change in the Payments System through Electronic Money and Innovations in Interbank Payments Systems: Implications for Monetary Policy in the Euro-zone, the UK and the USA Details
Electronic petitioning and modernisation of petitioning systems in Europe Details
e-VotingElectronic voting Details
E-wasteElectronic waste Details
Elemente einer Strategie für eine nachhaltige Energieversorgung. Vorstudie Details
Embedded water useEmbedded water use in products Details
AD-EMPLOYEmployment Trends Related to the Use of Advanced Communications Details
CAMUSEmuation d'un tiers de confiance virtuel Details
End of lifeEnd of life : pain management, public hearing Details
Challenges for FinlandEnd of parliamentary term: 10 challenges of the future for Finland Details
PrivacyEndangered Privacy in Austria Details
Energiespeicher – Stand und Perspektiven Details
SewageEnergy and sewage Details
Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency Details
Energy efficiencyEnergy efficiency in the construction Details
Deep geothermal energyEnergy from the earth's interior: Deep geothermal energy as the energy source of the future? Details
Energy policyEnergy policy Details
Energy securityEnergy security Details
Energy StorageEnergy Storage Details
Energy systemsEnergy systems and the environment Details
Energy transitionEnergy transition Details
EPTA EnergyEnergy Transition in Austria Details
EPTA-EnergyEnergy transition in Europe Details
Energy Use BehaviourEnergy Use Behaviour Change Details
Liquefied Natural GasEnhancing Europe’s energy security through greater use of liquefied natural gas Details
Entwicklung des Tourismus in Großschutzgebieten Details
Entwicklung und Analyse von Optionen zur Entlastung des Verkehrsnetzes und zur Verlagerung von Straßenverkehr auf umweltfreundlichere Verkehrsträger Details
Entwicklung und Folgen des Tourismus I Details
Entwicklung und Folgen des Tourismus II Details
Entwicklungstendenzen von Nahrungsmittelangebot und -nachfrage und ihre Folgen Details
Tidal BaragesEnvironmental Impact of Tidal Barages Details
Environmental limitsEnvironmental limits Details
Environmental noiseEnvironmental noise Details
ObesityEpidemic of obesity Details
Epidemic riskEpidemic risk Details
Epidemic riskEpidemic risk - public hearing Details
EpigeneticsEpigenetics and Health Details
ICT & PrivacyEPTA Project on ICT & Privacy Details
EPTA-PrivacyEPTA-Privacy: ICT and privacy in Europe Details
ErythropoietinErythropoietin in Tumour-Anaemia Details
AsthmaESTO project on Asthma in childhood Details
CTDESTO study 'Industrial Clean Technologies Diffusion' Details
In vitroEthical and legal dilemmas of in vitro Details
Genetic Testing IEthical and social aspects of genetic testing Details