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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:SurPRISE
       Long Title:Surveillance, Privacy and Security: A large scale participatory assessment of criteria and factors determining acceptability and acceptance of security technologies in Europe
       Description:The SurPRISE project is concerned with the tensions which might exist between the duty of governments to guarantee territorial and personal security, on the one hand, and people’s right to have their privacy respected on the other. The project asks whether citizens are prepared to accept a trade-off between security and privacy, or whether there are other factors involved in their estimation of surveillance technologies. Consultations with citizens will be organised in a number of European countries and the results thus obtained will enable guiding principles and recommendations to be drawn up for solutions and security policies that are compatible with the right of individuals to privacy. The project involves eleven European partners and is financed by the European Union.
       Focus:International projects
  • TA-SWISS, 2014. Rapport avec les résultats des forums de discussion sur les technologies de sécurité en Suisse. Details
  • TA-SWISS, Bern, 2014. Bericht mit Ergebnissen der Bürgerdiskussionen über die Sicherheitstechnologien in der Schweiz Details
  • TA-SWISS, Berna, 2014. Rapporto sui resultati dei tre dibattiti cittadini sulle nuove tecnologie di sorveglianza in Svizzera Details
       Contact Person:Bütschi, Danielle Details
       Project Leader:Centre for Technology Assessment (TA-SWISS) Details
       Partner Institutions:
  • Institute of Technology Assessment (OeAW ITA) Details