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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Biofuels
       Long Title:Biofuels
       Description:At this very moment, our society is at the beginning of its transition from a fossil-based economy towards a biobased economy, i.e. an economy based on renewable raw materials that biorefineries transform into chemical substances, materials and energy. Fossil reserves being limited, numerous people argue in favour of a transition towards an economy that is based on biological resources. From an ecological and sustainability perspective, a biobased economy is promising. Nevertheless remarks might also have to be made with regard to the sustainability aspect. The IST set up an easily accessible dossier on this issue, based on the results of a research project. The dossier contains the results of a literature study with respect to the potential and the sustainability effects of actual and future biofuels. It also sketches the extent of social support for biofuels within various industrial sectors in Flanders and possible policy options to integrate biofuels within Flemish energy supply. In continuation of the research project, IST also has a Policy Delphi analysis performed to investigate the arguments underlying the actual societal controversy accompanying the introduction of biofuels in Flanders. This analysis provided IST with a basis to deduce some policy recommendations.
       Focus:Environment; Climate and Energy
       Project Leader:Institute Society and Technology (Legacy) (IST-Legacy) Details