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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Fossil Fuels
       Long Title:Fossil Fuels
       Description:This report intends to provide the members of the Flemish parliament and other interested parties an insight in the so-called upstream part of the market for fossil and nuclear energy, that is the path from localizing reserves to the moment of their extraction. The report gives an overview of the terminology, the current reserves, the techniques used and the market players. But above all it provides an analysis framework to explain the forces that affect the process of looking for and extracting energy carriers. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to separate the developments in the upstream part from what happens further on in the energy chains. In this report, the analysis framework is applied to the historical developments, especially in the oil and gas market, in order to identify the driving forces in the market and to enable explorations of possible future scenarios. In addition to that, the report explains five aspects of a sustainable exploration and extraction of oil, gas, coal and uranium and discusses the possibility of doing this in a more sustainable way. The report concludes with the significance of the above-mentioned for the Northwest European societies in general and for the Flemish society in particular.
       Focus:Energy and Climate
       Project Leader:Institute Society and Technology (Legacy) (IST-Legacy) Details