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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Assistive technology
       Long Title:Assistive technology
       Description:viWTA asked the research consortium Tempera/VUB-MESO to organize a short-term project to take a look into the societal issues connected with assistive technology and asked them to what extent the connection between technological developments and social questions could be relevant for the Flemish policy-making and the public at large. The study was based on a literature search and a hearing of the relevant stakeholders. viWTA asked twenty Flemish experts from the social service sector, technicians and politicians to explain their views on the participation of handicapped persons and others and the role that technology could play in this question. All the views were bundled into a viWTA dossier that has been presented to the Flemish Parliament during a lunch debate on April 26, 2007.
       Focus:Life Sciences
       Project Leader:Institute Society and Technology (Legacy) (IST-Legacy) Details