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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Building
       Long Title:Building, living and energy
       Description:A building is a material structure intended to protect its inhabitants against the unstable weather conditions and to provide an optimum environment for a given activity. The location of the building depends on its functions and relationships with other centres of activity and is a determining factor for the associated energy fluxes. The intermediary role the building plays between the changeable weather conditions outside and the appropriate indoor climate, together with other comfort functions (e.g. visual comfort, healthy air) determine the energy consumption of the building. An energy infrastructure ensures the energy supply of the buildings: natural gas, electricity, heating network. The scattered living, working and recreational environment in Flanders has led to an enormous increase in the demand for transport and energy. The Flemish building tradition however has not been demonstrating much interest in energy-efficiency so far....
       Focus:Energy and Climate
       Project Leader:Institute Society and Technology (Legacy) (IST-Legacy) Details