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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology of the UK Parliament
       Description:POST is the UK Parliament's in-house source of independent, balanced and accessible analysis of public policy issues related to science and technology. Our aim is to inform parliamentary debate. POST's analyses are conducted by its team of specialist advisers, complemented by fellowship schemes. To assist their work, the advisers are in regular contact with a wide range of external experts. These, along with POST's Board, also review all POST reports before they are published. Input comes from businesses, academia, government, regulators and NGOs.
       Country Code:UK
       Zip Code:SW1H 9NB
       Street:14 Tothill Street, Westminster
       Phone:+44 20 7219 2840
  • Border, Peter Details
  • Bunn, Sarah Details
  • Harriss, Lydia Details
  • Hobbs, Abbi Details
  • Kenny, Caroline Details
  • Nath, Chandrika Details
  • Sarah, Foxen Details
  • Tyler, Chris Details
  • Wentworth, Jonny Details
  • POST (1989) Decommissioning Nuclear Power Stations. POST-Note No. 5 Details
  • POST (1989) Implications of New Technologies in Clinical Testing. POST-Note No. 4 Details
  • POST (1989) In Vitro Fertilisation and Embryo Research. POST-Note No. 6 Details
  • POST (1989) Irradiation of Food. POST-Note No. 1 Details
  • POST (1989) Landfill Gas. POST-Note No. 3 Details
  • POST (1989) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. POST-Note No. 2 Details
  • POST (1990) Antarctica. POST-Note No. 18 Details
  • POST (1990) BSE and Slow Viruses. POST-Note No. 14 Details
  • POST (1990) Computer Misuse. POST-Note No. 9 Details
  • POST (1990) Drinking Water Quality. POST-Note No. 8 Details
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       Projects Led:
  • Accessing PT Details
  • Addictive behaviours Details
  • Advanced Manufacturing Details
  • Ageing workforce Details
  • Alzheimer Details
  • Ambient Air Details
  • Anaerobic digestion Details
  • Analogue to digital Details
  • Anti-infectives Details
  • Antimicrobial resistance Details
  • Arctic changes Details
  • Århus convention Details
  • Autism Details
  • Autonomous Vehicles Details
  • Better brains Details
  • Big Data Details
  • Biochar Details
  • Biodiversity Details
  • Biodiversity Details
  • Biodiversity Details
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