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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Evaluation and Research Secretariat at the Swedish Parliament (PER) of the Swedish Riksdag
       Description:In 2006 the Swedish Parliament adopted new guidelines concerning the committee work with research and future issues. The new guidelines imply that the committees will be more future oriented and, amongst others, are to include research in their reports. The Evaluation and Research Secretariat at the Swedish Parliament was enlarged 2007 in order to strengthen the capacities within the area of research and future issues. In the guidelines the committee proposals and requests are to be submitted to the unit, which can assist in conducting analyses of the future and technology assessments. Since 2012, the Secretariat is a part of the Committee Department. In most cases an all-party steering group is assigned to provide guidelines for the reports and to ensure that they are carried out in accordance within the Committee terms of reference. A group of external experts is also assigned in order to scrutinise the content of the reports.
       Country Code:SW
       Zip Code:10012
       Street:Sveriges Riksdag
       Phone:+46 8 786 657 92
  • Eriksson, Lars Details
  • Limen, Helene Details
  • Wagman Karing, Anna Details
  • Committee on Cultural Affairs (2013) A book is a book is a book? An in-depth study on e-books in Sweden. Summary of research report 2013/14:RFR3, Sveriges Riksdag Details
  • Committee on Transport and Communications (2013) Aviation in the future. Summary of report 2013/14:RFR16, Sveriges Riksdag Details
       Projects Led:
  • Antibiotic resistence Details
  • Aviation Details
  • e-Books Details
  • e-Health Details
  • e-Waste Details
  • Fish Details
  • Future day Details
  • Future Day 2012 Details
  • Future fish Details
  • IT infrastructure Details
  • Nano-health Details
  • Obesity Details
  • Personalised medicine Details
  • Renewable fuels Details
  • School Details
  • Seniors in Working Life Details
  • Social welfare Details
  • Sustainable cities Details
  • Sustainable Transport Details
  • Urban future Details