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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland
       Description:The Committee for the Future deliberates parliamentary documents referred to it and, when requested to do so, makes submissions to other committees on futures-related matters, which are included in their spheres of responsibility and have a bearing on development factors and development models of the future. The Committee conducts research associated with futures studies, including their methodology. The Committee also functions as a parliamentary body that conducts assessments of technological development and the effects on society of technology.
       Country Code:FL
       Zip Code:00102
       Phone:+358 9 432 2091
  • Hietanen, Olli Details
  • Tiihonen, Paula Details
  • Committee for the Future (2013) Black Swans. What Will Change the World Next? Entries from the writing context of the Committee for the Future of the Parliament of Finland. The Publishing series of The Committee for the Future 5/2013 Details
  • Committee for the Future (2014) 100 opportunities for Finland and the world. Radical Technology Inquirer (RTI) for anticipation/evaluation of technological breakthroughs. Publishing series of The Committee for the Future 11/2014 Details
       Projects Led:
  • Black Swans Details
  • Challenges for Finland Details
  • Climate change Details
  • Crowdsourcing Details
  • Food Details
  • Inspired Society Details
  • Learning Details
  • Nano Details
  • Neighbours Details
  • New Knowledge Details
  • Participatory content production Details
  • Power and exclusion Details
  • Radical Technologies Details
  • RFID Details
  • Sustainable Growth Details
  • Taboos Details
  • Vision Details
  • Welfare Society? Details