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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Bureau of Research / Biuro Analiz Sejmowych (BAS) of the Polish Parliament (the Sejm)
       Description:The BAS, established in 1991, is a parliamentary research unit which provides research and analytical support to the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament (the Sejm). BAS is an organizational unit of the Chancellery of the Sejm (Kancelaria Sejmu). The main task of BAS is to draft legal opinions, prepare independent reports and produce analyses upon request of individual MPs and parliamentary committees. BAS also conducts, on its own initiative, research projects and analyses on various topics relevant to the work of Parliament. This covers a broad spectrum of areas including technology assessment. Most of BAS research is carried out by its own staff but some studies are commissioned to renowned external experts, think-tanks and Polish academic institutions. For the purpose of encouraging public debate, BAS also produces publications. BAS assists the Sejm by organising seminars and conferences. Another role of the BAS is to monitor current and future trends in technology development.
       Country Code:PL
       Zip Code:00-441
       Street:ul. Zagórna 3
       Phone:+48 (22) 694 17 27
  • Adamiec, Jolanta Details
  • Arndt, Wojciech Details
  • Cianciara, Dorota Details
  • Ciura, Grzegorz Details
  • Ganicz, Tomasz Details
  • Gast, Ewa Details
  • Grodzka, Dorota Details
  • Grycuk, Adrian Details
  • Gwiazdowicz, Miroslaw Details
  • Halik, Rafał Details
  • Kowalczewski, Tomasz Details
  • Makowski, Grzegorz Details
  • Miklas, Jidrzej Details
  • Nawrocki, Przemysław Details
  • Russel, Piotr Details
  • Sobolewski, Miroslaw Details
  • Stankiewicz, Dorota Details
  • Stankiewicz, Piotr Details
  • Stepinska-Ustasiak, Lidia Details
  • Szaranowicz-Kusz, Marta Details
... More experts:
  • BAS (2014) Analizy BAS 13(117), Novel foods Details
  • BAS (2014) Analizy BAS 16(120), New framework for EU climate and energy policy Details
  • BAS (2014) Infos 1(161), Access to content produced by public institutions Details
  • BAS (2014) Infos 11(171), Invasive species Details
  • BAS (2014) Infos 13(173), Internet privacy Details
  • BAS (2014) Infos 2(162), Global challenges in the Arctic region Details
  • BAS (2014) Infos 20(180), Public consultation in Poland: its legal basis and practice Details
  • BAS (2014) Infos 21(181), Forest land use and climate policy Details
  • BAS (2014) Infos 3(163), Business services sector in Poland Details
  • BAS (2015) Analizy BAS 2(122), Immunization system of children and youth in Poland: selected issues Details
... More publications:
       Projects Led:
  • Access to public content Details
  • Arctic region Details
  • Biogas plants Details
  • Clean coal Details
  • Climate change Details
  • Climate policy Details
  • Cybersecurity Details
  • e-Administration Details
  • e-Voting Details
  • Energy policy Details
  • Family policy Details
  • Food additives Details
  • GMO Details
  • Green Biotech Details
  • Growth opportunities Details
  • Hybrid vehicles Details
  • In vitro Details
  • Information society Details
  • Infrastructure Details
  • Innovation Details
... Other projects not listed here.