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       (1)   Institution
       Name:European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (network)
       Description:EPTA is a network, founded in 1990, comprising as full members all European technology assessment organisations, which carry out TA studies on behalf of parliaments, and as associate members those TA units, which have a TA programme and resources to realise it, but do not fully live up to other criteria for full membership, e.g. because they serve a non-European parliament. EPTA aims to advance the establishment of technology assessment as an integral part of policy consulting in parliamentary decision-making processes in Europe, and to strengthen the links between TA units in Europe.
       Country Code:EU
       Experts URL:
  • Bellucci (TA-SWISS), Sergio Details
  • Karapiperis (STOA), Theodoros Details
  • Nentwich (ITA, Michael Details
  • EPTA (2006) Energy transition in Europe. An overview of status and policy strategies for transforming European energy systems. European Parliamentary Technology Assessment Network (EPTA): Oslo, October Details
  • EPTA (2006) ICT and Privacy in Europe - A report on different aspects of privacy based on studies made by EPTA members in 7 Europearn countries. EPTA Report, October Details
  • EPTA (2009), authored by Bütschi, D.; Gram, S.; Haugen, J. M.; Meyer, R.; Sauter, A.; Steyaert, St.; Torgersen, H. : Genetically modified plants and foods. Challenges and future issues in Europe. EPTA Report Details
  • EPTA (2010) Routes to Sustainable Transport. An overview of status and policy strategies for sustainable transport in Europe. EPTA Report, October 2010 Details
  • EPTA (2011) Synthetic biology. EPTA Briefing Note No. 1, November Details
  • EPTA (2013) Parliamentary Technology Assessment in Europe. An overview of 17 institutions and how they work. EPTA Booklet Details
  • EPTA (2014) Productivity in Europe and the United States. Technology Trends and Policy Measures. EPTA Report, October Details
  • EPTA (2015) Innovation and Climate Change: The Role of Scientific and Technological Assessment. EPTA Report, November Details
  • EPTA (2015) Innovation et changement climatique: L’apport de l’évaluation scientifique et technologique. EPTA Report, November Details
  • EPTA (2016) The Future of Labour in the Digital Era. Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual Platforms, and Real-time Production. EPTA Report, November 2016 Details
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       Projects Led:
  • EPTA-Climate Change Details
  • EPTA-DigiLabour Details
  • EPTA-Energy Details
  • EPTA-GMO Details
  • EPTA-Mobility Pricing Details
  • EPTA-Privacy Details
  • EPTA-Productivity Details
  • EPTA-Sustainable Transport Details