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       (1)   Expert
       First Name(s):Tore
       Phone Number:+47 23 31 83 00
       Skype ID:tore.tennoe
       Expertise:Technology assessment, foresight, strategic intelligence, policy. Responsible for monitoring, impact assessment, auditing and quality assurance of all projects at the Board, as well as the Board's relations with Norwegian and European parliamentarians and policy makers
       CV, further
       Institution:Teknologirådet - Norwegian Board of Technology (NBT) Details
  • Made in Norway? Details
  • Post-fossil Norway Details
  • The carbon footprint of food Details
  • The future of salmon farming Details
  • EPTA (2009): Genetically modified plants and foods. Challenges and future issues in Europe. Details
  • EPTA (2013): Parliamentary Technology Assessment in Europe: An overview of 17 institutions and how they work Details
  • EPTA 2010: Routes to sustainable transport Details
  • EPTA 2014 Productivity in Europe and the United States – Technology Trends and Policy Measures Details
  • ICT and privacy in Europe Details
  • Teknologirådet (2008): The carbon footprint of food Details
  • Teknologirådet (2013): Made in Norway? How Robots, 3D-printers and Digitalisation Bring New Opportunities for Norwegian Industry Details