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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Portuguese Study Group on Technology Assessment
       Country Code:PT
       Zip Code:2829-516
       Street:FCT/UNL, Caparica, Portugal
  • Araujo, Nuno Details
  • Baumann, Manuel Details
  • Boavida, Nuno Details
  • Canas, Tome Details
  • Candido, Ana Details
  • Maia, Maria Joao Details
  • Moniz, Antonio Details
  • Moretto, Susana Details
  • Rosa, Isabel Details
  • Velloso, Gabriel Details
  • Yazan, Abdurrahman Details
  • Boavida, N. (2012) Estudos do OTA. Serie Documentos do GrEAT. Lisbon. 12 Details
  • Boavida, N. (2012) Estudos Parlamentares de Avaliacao de Tecnologia. Serie Documentos do GrEAT. Lisbon. 109 Details
       Projects Led:
  • Decisions of technology innovation – The role of indicators Details
  • A Constructive Technology Assessment of Stationary Energy Storage Systems Details
  • Decision-making process in radiology: the magnetic resonance example in the TA context Details
  • Corporate technology assessment applied to the manufacture industry of the high-speed train Details
  • Disruptive innovation: Assessment of cloud computing applications Details
  • Electroencephalographic assessment in children with auditive deficits Details
  • Bridging present and future of Brain-Computer Interfaces: Assessments of Impact Details
  • Intelligent infrastructures for the road transport system Details
  • Technology Assessment of Personal Air Vehicles as an Emerging Technology Option for Regional and Urban Transportation System Details
  • Additive Manufacturing Technology Assessment: Implications at the Metal Sector Details