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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Institute Society and Technology (Legacy)
       Description:The IST, formally viWTA was the parliamentary TA institution of the regional parliament of Flanders/Belgium. It has an impressive track-record of TA projects and publications. By the end of 2012, the Vlaams Parliament decided to close down the institute. Its website, including all publications and projects, has been archived at Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) in Brussels.
       Country Code:BE
  • Berloznik, Robby Details
  • Bütschi, Danielle; Søren Gram; Jon Magnar Haugen; Rolf Meyer; Arnold Sauter; Stef Steyaert; Helge Torgersen (April 2009), Genetically modified plants and foods Challenges and future issues in Europe. Final report, EPTA, 108 pp. Details
  • den Hertog, Pim and Smits, Ruud (April 2004) The Co-evolution of Innovation Theory, Innovation Practice, and Innovation Policy. An analysis of the possible roles of parliamentary technology assessment in innovation policy. Study commissioned by the Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment viWTA. Universiteit Utrecht/Dialogic innovation and interaction: Utrecht, 61 pp. Details
  • Goorden, Lieve (June 2004) Innovation Policy and Technology Assessment in Flanders. Final report. Study commissioned by the Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment viWTA. STEM - RESEARCH CENTRE ON TECHNOLOGY,ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT: Antwerp, 40 pp. Details
  • IST (ed.)(2010) Society and Technology Trends in Flanders. IST: Brussels, 15 pp. Details
  • Klüver, Lars; Berloznik, Robbie; Peissl, Walter; Tennoe, Tore; Cope, David; Bellucci, Sergio (October 2006), ICT and Privacy in Europe. Experiences from technology assessment of ICT and Privacy in seven different European countries. Final report, EPTA, 117 pp. Details
  • Steyaert, Stef and Hervé Liso, Hervé (eds)(September 2005) Participatory Methods Toolkit. A practitioner's Manual. King Baudouin Foundation and the Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment (viWTA): Brussels, 199 pp. Details
  • viWTA (ed.) (2005) Summary Report of the Conference and Roundtable of EPTA on Converging Technologies. The next technology wave: can policy keep pace with progress? The case of converging technologies. Flemish Parliament, Brussels Oct. 17-18; 54 pp. Details
       Projects Led:
  • Assistive technology Details
  • Biofuels Details
  • Building Details
  • Cancer Details
  • Climate adaptation Details
  • Co-evolution Details
  • Converging technologies Details
  • Cyberbullying Details
  • Digital divide Details
  • Domestic Energy Details
  • e-Culture Details
  • E-democracy Details
  • E-democracy 2 Details
  • E-dinges Details
  • E-Health Details
  • Education Details
  • Electrosmog Details
  • Energy Supply Details
  • Fertility technology Details
  • Flanders 2050 Details
... Other projects not listed here.
  • EPTA-DigiLabour Details
  • EPTA-Energy Details
  • EPTA-GMO Details
  • EPTA-Privacy Details
  • EPTA-Productivity Details