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       (1)   Expert
       First Name(s):Danielle
       Title:External employee
       Phone Number:+41 310 310 99 60
       CV, further
       Institution:Centre for Technology Assessment (TA-SWISS) Details
       Projects URL:
  • Cloud Computing Details
  • Die Verselbständigung des Computers Details
  • Embryonale Stammzellen Details
  • EUROPTA Details
  • ICT & Privacy Details
  • In-vitro-Fertilisation Details
  • Pervasive Computing Details
  • SurPRISE Details
  • TAMI Details
  • The Internet of the future Details
  • Transplantationsmedizin Details
       Publications URL:
  • Bütschi, D., 2012. Knowledge-based policy making. Report of the First Parliamentary TA Debate. TA-SWISS, Bern Details
  • Bütschi, D., 2014, PACITA, Strengthening Technology Assessment for Policy-Making. Report of the Second Parliamentary TA-Debate, 7 - 8 April 2014, Lisbon Details
  • Kündig, A., Bütschi, D., 2008, Die Verselbständigung des Computers, Schlussbericht. TA-SWISS, vdf, Zürich Details
  • TA-SWISS, 2014. Rapport avec les résultats des forums de discussion sur les technologies de sécurité en Suisse. Details
  • TA-SWISS, Bern, 2014. Bericht mit Ergebnissen der Bürgerdiskussionen über die Sicherheitstechnologien in der Schweiz Details
  • TA-SWISS, Berna, 2014. Rapporto sui resultati dei tre dibattiti cittadini sulle nuove tecnologie di sorveglianza in Svizzera Details