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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Technologické centrum AV ČR
       Country Code:CZ
       Zip Code:160 00
       City:Praha 6 – Bubeneč
       Street:Ve Struhách 27
       Home Page:
       Experts URL:
  • Albrecht, Vladimír Details
  • Balázsová, Andrea Details
  • Čadil, Vladislav Details
  • Čejková, Jana Details
  • Černá, Klára Details
  • Chvojka, Miloš Details
  • Chvojková, Lenka Details
  • Daniel, Ondřej Details
  • Faťun, Martin Details
  • Frank, Daniel Details
  • Hávová, Radka Details
  • Hebáková, Lenka Details
  • Hebelková, Kamila Details
  • Hillerová, Eva Details
  • Hladik, Petr Details
  • Holmanová, Jana Details
  • Honzátková, Lucie Details
  • Janošec, Jiří Details
  • Kinkorová, Judita Details
  • Klusáček, Karel Details
... Other experts not listed here.
       Projects URL:
       Publications URL:
  • Assessment of Participation of the Czech Republic in the EU Framework Programmes Details
  • Biotechnology in the Czech Republic Details
  • Experiences and ideas for developing regional foresight Details
  • FOR-RIS Details
  • Foresight Methodologies - textbook Details
  • Foresight Methodologies - workbook Details
  • Innovation Potential of the Czech Regions Details
  • Localisation Motives for Research and Development Investment of Multinational Enterprises Details
  • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in the Czech Republic (1) Details
  • Practice on Roadmapping Details
... Other publications not listed here.
       Projects Led:
  • BusInesS and InnOvation Support PLUS Details
  • PACITA Details
  • PACITA-Ageing Details
  • PACITA-EWViews Details