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       (1)   Publication
       Quotation:Infrastructure for Data-Driven Society, Research Materials No.2017-6, Mar. 2018, Tokyo: Research and Legislative Reference Bureau, National Diet Library of Japan, 112 pp.
       Short Description:Rapid progress of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) has been making it possible to collect, store, transmit, analyze and utilize vast amounts of digital data. This trend is making significant changes in all aspects of our society, such as economy, politics, education, science, life and culture. Efficient data-utilization is expected to be accelerated further and even to change the fundamental structure of industry and society (we call it “data-utilization society” in this report). Therefore, it is important to understand what is required as infrastructure to sustain it and what the “datautilization society” will bring to our socio-economy, as making policies related to data-utilization. From this point of view, this report studies the latest trend of science and technology concerning the “datautilization society” and its influence on society, economy and the legal system. This report consists of four parts. Part 1 discusses technologies enabling the effective use of big data which have brought two changes in scientific approach: “data centric science” and “open science”. It also outlines elemental technologies in big data analysis, such as machine learning, Bayes statistics, data assimilation, emulation and anonymization. Underpinned by actual investigation results, Part 2 argues the influence of data-utilization on socio-economy from various viewpoints; intelligence service industry for vitalizing local communities, changing circumstance by data-utilization from primary to tertiary sectors, efforts towards “smart cities” in different countries, risk-management system based on data, and a new movement in disaster response and the education field. Moreover, it explains cryptocurrency which is currently attracting attention, and blockchain as its core technology. Part 3 … (tbc)
       Publication Date:2018-03-01
       Publication Type:project report
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       Institution:Research and Legislative Reference Bureau (RLRB) Details
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