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       (1)   Expert
       First Name(s):Catherine
       Title:Dr Ir
       Phone Number:+32 (0) 4 366 30 12
       Expertise:Public administration, science and society, participatory methods, technology assessement, risk analysis and communication
       CV, further
       Institution:Spiral research centre - Université de Liège (SPIRAL) Details
  • GIGS Details
  • SCoPE Details
  • VIRORISK Details
  • A. Thiry, S. Vanhaeren, N. Geukens, S. Brunet, and C. Fallon (2011), Troisième rapport intermédiaire - Recherche ANACO : analyse et opérationnalisation de la problématique du confinement et de la mise à l’abri en Belgique. Details
  • C. Fallon, C. Parotte, and N. Rossignol. Acceptabilité locale des projets éoliens. Liège, Belgique: Spiral, 2011. Details
  • C. Fallon, C. Parotte, and N. Rossignol. L’implantation de parcs éoliens : Le processus décisionnel mis en question. Compte rendu et analyses des résultats issus de l’Atelier Scénario mené dans le cadre du projet ALPE. Liège, Belgique: Spiral, 2011. Details
  • C. Fallon, G. Joris, and C. Zwetkoff. Using stakeholders’ expertise in EMF and soil contamination to improve the management of public policies dealing with modern risk: when uncertainty is on the agenda. In Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Theory and Applications. Edited by S. Martorell, C. Guedes Soares, and J. Barnett. vol 2. Taylor & Francis, 2008. 1609-1617. Details
  • C. Fallon, K. Hendrickx, and S. Vanhaeren. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: integrating multiple frames in Flanders and Wallonia air policies by using the Delphi method. Paper presented at 19th SRA-Europe Annual Meeting. Londres, United Kingdonm, June 21, 2010. Details
  • C. Fallon, N. Rossignol, and C. Zwetkoff. Vulnerability and risk : some reflections for a new form of safety governance. Paper presented at International Workshop on Safety and Security Risk Assessment and Organizational Cultures. Anvers, Belgique, January 2012. Details
  • C. Zwetkoff, C. Fallon, and M. Tsukanova. Analysis of the institutional and organisational conditions of the surveillance systems available in Belgium for viral diseases. 2010. Details
  • M. DENT, C. Fallon, C. Wendt, J. Vuori, C. de pietro, M. Pahor, and S. Silva. Medicine and User Involvement within European Healthcare: a typology for European comparative research. International Journal of Clinical Practice (2011). Details
  • N. Rossignol, C. Parotte, G. Joris, and C. Fallon. Siting Controversies Analysis: Framework and Method for Questioning the Procedure. Journal of Risk Research (in press). Details
  • N. Rossignol, C. Turcanu, C. Fallon, and C. Zwetkoff. 'How are you Vulnerable?': Using Participation for Vulnerability Analysis in Emergency Planning. Journal of Risk Research (in press). Details
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