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       (1)   Expert
       First Name(s):Frédéric
       Phone Number:+32 (0) 4 366 31 31
       Expertise:Participatory methods, epistemology of social sciences, science and society,narratives and politics, sociology of warning and risk
       CV, further
       Institution:Spiral research centre - Université de Liège (SPIRAL) Details
  • Meeting of Minds Details
  • SEPIA Details
  • F. Claisse and P. Delvenne. Building on anticipation: dystopia as empowerment. Current Sociology 63, no. 2 (March 2015). Details
  • F. Claisse, S. Brunet, and Y. Rogister. Des risques modernes à la société réflexive : pour une autre approche du (bio)terrorisme. Ethique Publique, Revue internationale d’éthique sociétale et gouvernementale 4, n°2 (2002): 115-136. Details
  • F. Claisse. A design for living: metaleptic devices and trends of gnostic imagination in contemporary science-fiction. Paper presented at Biennial Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) 2012. Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2012. Details
  • S. Brunet, B. Cornélis, and F. Claisse. Sciences du cerveau et société: un débat entre citoyens européens. Rapport wallon dans le cadre du projet Meeting of Minds. 2005. Details
  • S. Brunet, F. Claisse, and P. Delvenne. Food Chain Security and Vulnerability. In Food Chain Security. Edited by H. Alpas and B. Cirakoglu. NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - C: Environmental Security. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer, 2010. 11-22. Details