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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Teknologirådet - Norwegian Board of Technology
       Description:The Norwegian Board of Technology is an independent body for technology assessment established by the Norwegian Government in 1999, following an initiative by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget). The Board aims to assess impacts and options of technology in all areas of society; to stimulate public debate on technology; and to support the political decision-making process and shaping of technological change. The Board furthermore monitors international technological trends and methods for technology assessment and foresight. Its activities are addressed to the Norwegian Parliament Stortinget, governmental bodies, and the public at large. The Board uses a variety of methods for assessing technology, ranging from participatory methods such as citizens' panels, consensus conferences, scenario workshops and open hearings, other scenario techniques, to interdisciplinary working groups on the expert level.
       Country Code:NO
       Zip Code:0153
       Street:Kongensgate 14
       Phone:+47 23 31 83 00
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