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       (1)   Institution
       Abbreviation:ARC Fund
       Name:Applied Research and Communications Fund
       Description:Established in 1991, the Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund) is the premier Bulgarian innovation policy and research institute. The organisation's mission is to drive the development of the knowledge economy in Bulgaria and Europe in line with the Europe 2020 objectives, to promote innovation in the European economy and facilitate the transfer of new and advanced technologies and know-how, and to support cross-border networking and capacity building of businesses, public agencies or private organizations, by using the advances in information and communication technologies. ARC Fund's activities serve a wide community of policy-makers and practitioners in central and local governments, businesses, industry associations and civil society. Over 5,000 client organizations currently benefit from ARC Fund's innovation incubation and business support services.
       Country Code:BG
       Zip Code:1113
       Street:5 Alexander Zhendov St.
       Phone:(+359-2) 973-3000
  • Chonkova, Blagovesta Details
  • Damianova, Zoya Details
  • Kozarev, Ventseslav Details
  • Georgieva, Teodora; Chobanova, Yordanka; Galev, Todor (eds.) (2014). 'Green Potential for development'. Sofia, Applied Research and Communications Fund. Details
       Projects Led:
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