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       (1)   Publication
       Quotation:Frontiers in Life Sciences : Progress and Ethical Issues in Research and Development, Research Materials No.2015-4, Mar. 2016, Tokyo: Research and Legislative Reference Bureau, National Diet Library of Japan, 294 pp.
       Short Description:Life science is a fundamental study to benefit health and longevity using medical technologies, and also to promote medical industries. This report is to provide basic commentaries about research and development (R&D) related to drug development and medical application, especially those expected to make an innovation in the near future. Also, political, industrial and ethical issues occurring within the development of medical technology are discussed in the report. After the completion of the human genome project in 2003, life science technology has achieved striking development. Activities on personalized medicine, a medical model that individualizes therapeutic methods for each patient, have emerged with anticipation. Novel regenerative medicine technologies produced by the progress in stem cell research are expected to be applied rapidly towards the cure and prophylaxis of cancer, dementia, rare disease and undiagnosed disease. Also, platforms for cohort research and biobanks are coming into use, which gives importance to enrolling patients from the early R&D phase. The distance between R&D and clinical trial is shrinking in consistency to the technological advance. Recently, genomics or neuroscience R&D projects are running over the world. The cooperation and participation of Japan, from the basics to the application, are desired. However, personal data and bioethics must be protected under a reliable managing system. A balanced regulation rule that can enhance not only the R&D, but also a well organized use of personal data is necessary.
       Publication Date:2016
       Publication Type:project report
  • Yoshiko, Shido Details
       Institution:Research and Legislative Reference Bureau (RLRB) Details
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