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       (1)   Publication
       Quotation:Allhutter, D. (2012, online: 2011) Mind Scripting: A Method for Deconstructive Design. Science, Technology & Human Values, Bd. 37 (6), S. 684-707 <
       Short Description:The interventionist turn in science and technology studies (STS) increasingly involves researchers with practices of technology development and thus entails the need for appropriate methodologies. Based in software engineering, this article introduces the deconstructive technique of “mind scripting” as a method for analyzing processes of the co-materialization of gender and technology and as a tool to support cooperative, reflective work practices. Anchored in critical design approaches, “mind scripting” is a means for development teams to disclose discourses implicitly guiding work practices in order to make negotiable the underlying value systems. After discussing its foundation in deconstructivist feminist theory, the author illustrates how the method is applied by drawing on selected empirical results. Generating insights into the reproduction of hegemonic social discourses in development processes, “mind scripting” enables the rethinking of established ways of doing.
       Publication Date:2012-12-31
       Publication Type:article
       Institution:Institute of Technology Assessment (OeAW ITA) Details
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