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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Glocal Search
       Long Title:Glocal Search. Search technology at the intersection of global capitalism and local socio-political cultures
       Start Date:2012-03
       End Date:2015-06
  • Eklöf, Jenny; Mager, Astrid (2013) Technoscientific Promotion and Biofuel Policy: How the press and search engines stage the biofuel controversy. Media, Culture & Society, Bd. 35 (4), S. 454-471. Details
  • ITA [Hrsg.], (2015) Europa gegen Google & Co? ITA-Dossier Nr. 15 (April 2015; Autorin: Astrid Mager). Details
  • ITA [Hrsg.], (2015) Europe against Google & Co.? ITA dossier no. 15en (April 2015; Author: Astrid Mager). Details
  • Mager, Astrid (08.03.2012) 'Glokale' Perspektive auf Google & Co. ITA-Newsletter (März 2012), S. 3 f. Details
  • Mager, Astrid (2012) Health information politics: Reconsidering the democratic ideal of the Web as a source of medical knowledge. First Monday, Bd. 17 (10). Details
  • Mager, Astrid (2012) Review of Erkki Huhtamo and Jussi Parikka, eds., Media Archaeology. Approaches, Applications, and Implications (2011, Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press). Information, Communication & Society (online first [12/09/2012]). Details
  • Mager, Astrid (2014) Ideologie des Algorithmus. Wie der neue Geist des Kapitalismus Suchmaschinen formt. In: Stark, Birgit; Dörr, Dieter; Aufenanger, Stefan (Hrsg.), Die Googleisierung der Informationssuche. Suchmaschinen zwischen Nutzung und Regulierung; Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, S. 201-223. Details
  • Mager, Astrid (2014) Is small really beautiful? Big search and its alternatives. In: König, R.; Rasch, M. (Hrsg.), Society of the Query Reader. Reflections on Web Search; Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, S. 59-72. Details
  • Mager, Astrid (2015) Glocal Search – Search technology at the intersection of global capitalism and local socio-political cultures: Final Report. ITA/ÖAW: Wien; im Auftrag von: ÖNB. Details
  • Mager, Astrid (2017, online: 2016) Search engine imaginary: Visions and values in the co-production of search technology and Europe. Social Studies of Science, online first 27/10/2016, Bd. 47 (2), S. 240-262. Details
... Other publications not listed here.
       Contact Person:Mager, Astrid Details
       Project Leader:Institute of Technology Assessment (OeAW ITA) Details