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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:STOA-NanoSafety
       Long Title:NanoSafety (STOA): Environmental, Health and Safety Aspects of Engineered Nanomaterials (STOA-NanoSafety)
       Start Date:2010-03
       End Date:2011-06
  • Fleischer, T.; Jahnel, J.; Schimmelpfeng, J.; Seitz, S.; Fiedeler, U. et al. [..] (2011) NanoSafety – Risk Governance of Manufactured Nanoparticles – Report on Results of Focus Groups incl. Draft Conclusions Paper – Deliverables No. 3 & 4. Wien; im Auftrag von: The Science Technology Options Assessment Panel of the European Parliament (STOA). Details
  • Fleischer, T.; Jahnel, J.; Seitz, S.; Fiedeler, U.; Simkó, M. (2010) NanoSafety – Risk Governance of Manufactured Nanoparticles – Phase II, Deliverable No. 2. Bericht-Nr. IP/A/STOA/FWC/2008-096/LOT5/C1/SC2; ITA-PB C27-2; im Auftrag von: European Parliament. Details
  • Haslinger, J. (18.06.2011) BürgerInnen im Dialog über Nanopartikel. ITA-Newsletter (Juni 2011), S. 14. Details
       Contact Person:Nentwich, Michael Details
       Project Leader:Institute of Technology Assessment (OeAW ITA) Details