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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:School
       Long Title:Implementation of evidence-based interventions in school settings
       Description:The concept of evidence-based practice has moved from medicine and health care to other areas in society such as education. An important issue is how to bridge the gap between knowledge generated by scientific research and application of the knowledge to educational practice. Implementing evidence-based interventions in schools is a challenge, no matter how much research supports an intervention. If implementation fails, the desired outcomes will not follow. In this study, we reviewed the field of implementation research within areas relevant to school improvement and development. We also conducted a survey among teachers and head of schools in Sweden to analyze their views on evidence-based intervention implementation.
       Start Date:2012-03
       End Date:2013-03
       Focus:Expert-based, IT & communication, Parliament involvement
       Project Leader:Evaluation and Research Secretariat at the Swedish Parliament (PER) of the Swedish Riksdag (PER) Details