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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Future Day 2012
       Long Title:Future Day 2012
       Description:MPs have the opportunity to discuss different future issues and their implications for society with a number of leading researchers and experts invited in their respective fields. Three interdisciplinary seminars will be organized in which panels consisting of MPs from three to four committees prepare questions for the speakers. During the spring of 2011, ideas to subjects for the seminars will be collected from the committees at Riksdagen.
       Start Date:2011-03
       End Date:2012-01
       Focus:Communication activity, Energy technology, Environment, Environmental technology, Expert-based, Health, Innovation, IT & communication, Medical technology, Nanotechnology, Parliament involvement, Risk, Sustainability, Transport technology
       Project Leader:Evaluation and Research Secretariat at the Swedish Parliament (PER) of the Swedish Riksdag (PER) Details