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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Sustainable cities
       Long Title:Sustainable cities - with focus on transport, housing and green areas
       Description:Sustainable cities an analysis for the future Background. Our cities are growing at a rapid rate, and at the same time there is a goal that this development should be sustainable, from an ecological, economic and social perspective. From an ecosystems perspective, the city is a complex system in which a number of processes need to be maintained and restored. These include waste production and recycling, air, soil and water pollution, and the use of green areas and biological diversity in cities. Energy consumption in the housing sector and the regulation of traffic and transport systems are other examples of important functions that need to be taken into account in the endeavour to achieve sustainable urban development. Purpose The purpose of this research review/analysis for the future is to prepare documentation on how sustainable, climate-smart cities can be designed in the future, from several perspectives. The focus will primarily be on: air, soil and water environments as well as biological diversity in our cities; sustainable housing and community planning; sustainable urban transport, including provision of renewable fuels. The theme sustainable cities includes a number of different aspects that concern a number of committees. With the aim of obtaining a holistic view, a cross-committee approach is recommended. Implementation It is proposed that the assignment is carried out on behalf of three committees, the Committee on Environment and Agriculture, the Committee on Civil Affairs and the Committee on Transport and Communications, which are responsible for different aspects relating to sustainable urban development. A steering group comprising a total of seven members, one from each of the parties represented in the Riksdag, will be linked to the assignment. There will be at least two representatives from each committee. There are ongoing contacts and discussions with the committee chairs. Content and focus The assignment will include: literature surveys with a compilation of Swedish and international scientific articles and reports on the subject; interviews with researchers/experts and other actors in the field; consultation with citizens on the subject sustainable cities in collaboration with Stockholm University (which is currently in the planning stage of a project on this subject) with the aim of involving upper secondary school pupils and identifying their views on sustainable urban development in the future; seminars with experts on the subject.
       Start Date:2010-02
       End Date:2011-03
       Focus:Energy technology, Environment, Expert-based, Governance, Innovation, Parliament involvement, Stakeholder involvement, Sustainability, Transport technology
       Project Leader:Evaluation and Research Secretariat at the Swedish Parliament (PER) of the Swedish Riksdag (PER) Details