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       (1)   Institution
       Name:Rathenau Instituut
       Description:The Rathenau Instituut promotes the formation of political and public opinion on science and technology. To this end, the Institute studies the organization and development of science systems, publishes about social impact of new technologies, and organizes debates on issues and dilemmas in science and technology.
       Country Code:NL
       Zip Code:2593 HW
       City:The Hague
       Street:Anna van Saksenlaan 51
       Phone:+31 70 3421 542
       Home Page:
       Experts URL:
  • Biesiot, Marijn Details
  • de Jonge, Jos Details
  • Deuten, Jasper Details
  • Edelenbosch, Rosanne Details
  • Faasse, Patricia Details
  • Hamer, Jurriën Details
  • Hofman, Robine Details
  • Koens, Lionne Details
  • Koier, Elizabeth Details
  • Kool, Linda Details
  • Korthagen, Iris Details
  • Maas, Timo Details
  • Munnichs, Geert Details
  • Niezen - van der Zwet, Maartje Details
  • Peters, Melanie Details
  • Scholten, Wout Details
  • Smink, Magda Details
  • Tjong Tjin Tai, Sue-Yen Details
  • van Bodegom, Lisa Details
  • van den Broek, Jos Details
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       Projects URL:
       Publications URL:
  • Rathenau Instituut; 1 Extending the pipeline ; 2008; Download pdf (Extending_the_pipeline_STOA_dec._2008_01.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; A European Approach to Human Enhancement ; 2009; Download pdf (Verslag_STOA_workshop_Human_Enhancement_Europarlement_01.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; A fair share – Safeguarding public interests in the sharing and gig economy; Dr. ir. Rinie van Est, Dr. Magda Smink; 2017; Download pdf (Report Fair share.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; A Metaevaluation of Scientific Research Proposals: Different Ways of Comparing; 2009; Download pdf (Meta-evaluatie_MaGW_EMBO_web_1__01.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; A never-ending race; Dr. ir. Geert Munnichs, Linda Kool Msc. MA.; 2017; Download pdf (report A never-ending race.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; About the Rathenau Institute; 2010; Download pdf (corporate_brochure_Engels_01.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; Academic Leadership of High-Performing Research Groups; 2011; Download pdf (working_paper_Academic_leadership_of_high-performing_research_groups_01.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; Algae oil on trial; 2016; Download pdf (Algae oil on trial - Rathenau Instituut.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; Ambient Intelligence; 2009; Download pdf (Ambient_Intelligence_ENG_01.pdf) at Details
  • Rathenau Instituut; Annual report 2003; 2004; Download pdf (JRV-2003-Engels.pdf) at Details
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       Projects Led:
  • blockchain-shifting-trust Details
  • caring-health Details
  • car’s-advice Details
  • dilemmas-digital-democracy Details
  • electronic-lifestyle-coach Details
  • evidence-based Details
  • expert-vision-big-data-and-smart-algori Details
  • exploring-future-science-journalism Details
  • future-dutch-universities Details
  • globalisation-research-development Details
  • health-data-body-and-mind Details
  • healthy-future-potato Details
  • innovation-and-cities Details
  • innovation-and-regulation Details
  • intimate-technology Details
  • national-science-agenda Details
  • non-academic-research-institutions Details
  • practical-research-he-colleges Details
  • public-knowledge-organisations Details
  • public-participation-national-programme Details
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  • EPTA-DigiLabour Details
  • EPTA-Energy Details
  • EPTA-Productivity Details
  • EUROPTA Details
  • INES Details
  • PACITA Details
  • PACITA-EWViews Details