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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Biochar
       Long Title:Biochar
       Description:Biochar is carbon rich material made by heating organic matter in low oxygen conditions. It may have the potential to reduce levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), thus helping the UK to meet its greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets. Furthermore, applying biochar to agricultural land could improve soil fertility, although research is far from definitive as results are variable. This POSTnote examines the current status of research into the production and use of biochar, the feasibility of using it to combat climate change, and any unintended consequences that may result.
       Start Date:2010-03
       End Date:2010-06
       Focus:Environment, Environmental technology, Sustainability
  • POST (2010) Biochar. POST-Note No. 358 Details
       Project Leader:Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology of the UK Parliament (POST) Details