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       (1)   Project
       Short Title:Alzheimer
       Long Title:Alzheimer's and dementia
       Description:Dementia affects over 750,000 people in the UK, with Alzheimer’s disease accounting for 55% of cases. Most forms of dementia cannot be cured and the disease is progressive. People suffering from it require long-term care which is not routinely provided for by the NHS but by social services. Such care has been criticised for failing to meet the needs of dementia sufferers on both medical and cost grounds. The POSTnote will analyse the current prevalence of dementia in the UK and the anticipated rise in cases, the causes, diagnosis and current therapies for dementia; research into dementia including potential future treatments. It will also examine health and public policy issues, such as the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines for treating dementia, and look at strategies to support people with dementia in their own homes.
       Start Date:2007-01
       End Date:2007-02
       Focus:Brain Science, Health
       Project Leader:Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology of the UK Parliament (POST) Details