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       (1)   Publication
       Quotation:Klüver, Lars; Berloznik, Robbie; Peissl, Walter; Tennoe, Tore; Cope, David; Bellucci, Sergio (October 2006), ICT and Privacy in Europe. Experiences from technology assessment of ICT and Privacy in seven different European countries. Final report, EPTA, 117 pp.
       Short Description:This project aimed at analysing and synthesising reports from different European TA units to find overlapping fields as well as blind spots. It gave an overview on technological and political threats and solutions to the issue of privacy. Public opinion was included to look for solutions for threats that are regarded as real threats. The project was concluded by giving policy options and recommendations for the European as well as national decision makers, that will enhance ICT-privacy for the European citizens. The recommendations were discussed at a seminar on 'The Policy Challenges of Electronic Privacy'. It took place at the Flemish Parliament in Brussels in 2007.
       Publication Date:2006
       Publication Type:project report
       Institution:Institute Society and Technology (Legacy) (IST-Legacy) Details
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