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       (1)   Publication
       Quotation:Goorden, Lieve (June 2004) Innovation Policy and Technology Assessment in Flanders. Final report. Study commissioned by the Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment viWTA. STEM - RESEARCH CENTRE ON TECHNOLOGY,ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT: Antwerp, 40 pp.
       Short Description:In the course of the year 2002-2003 the viWTA started a project to justify the value of a parliamentary institute for TA on the basis of the theory of innovation and technology policy. On the basis of a literature review we surveyed the existing ideas on innovation. The common aspect is the relation between the theory and the practice of innovation. The role of parliamentary TA is outlined, as are other activities linked to innovation and technology. The second part examined the evolution of the relation between theory and practice of innovation in Flanders in the past 30 years. This leads to the role and value of a parliamentary institute for TA.
       Publication Date:2004
       Publication Type:project report
       Institution:Institute Society and Technology (Legacy) (IST-Legacy) Details