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       (1)   Institution
       Abbreviation:OeAW ITA
       Name:Institute of Technology Assessment
       Description:The Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) is a research unit of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW). It deals with the impacts of novel technologies on society, the environment, health, politics and the economy. The results of this work are both disseminated in scientific publications and prepared specifically for politics, administration and the public.
       Country Code:AT
       Zip Code:1030
       Street:Strohgasse 45/5
       Phone:(+43-1-) 51581-6582
  • Allhutter, Doris Details
  • Bauer, Anja Details
  • Bogner, Alexander Details
  • Capari, Leo Details
  • Cas, Johann Details
  • Fuchs, Daniela Details
  • Gazsó, André Details
  • Gudowsky, Niklas Details
  • Kastenhofer, Karen Details
  • Krieger-Lamina, Jaro Details
  • Mager, Astrid Details
  • Nentwich, Michael Details
  • Ornetzeder, Michael Details
  • Peissl, Walter Details
  • Rose, Gloria Elisabeth Details
  • Sinozic, Tanja Details
  • Sotoudeh, Mahshid Details
  • Torgersen, Helge Details
  • (1994) Technologies for the Elderly / Gerontechnology: Experiences with Safety Alarm Systems – Housing Adaptation with Technical Aids and Smart Homes in EuropeanCountries.: Ageing in the contemporary society. The Akon Series Vol 8. Akontes Publ. ,Netherlands. Details
  • (1996) Technikfolgen-Abschätzung in Österreich – Entscheidungshilfe in einer komplexen Welt – Beispiele aus der Praxis.: Wien: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Details
  • (1997) Biotechnologie in der Öffentlichkeit – von der Risikodiskussion zur Technikgestaltung.: ITA, Wien, mit Beiträgen von W. v.d. Daele, Berlin, S. Joss, London, T.H. Nielsen, Oslo, F. Seifert und H.Torgersen, Wien. Details
  • (2001) Special Issue on Technology Foresight.: International Journal of Technology Management, Vol 21, Nr. 7/8. Details
  • (2013) ITA-Nachlese Nr. 1, Jänner 2013. < Details
  • (2013) ITA-Nachlese Nr. 2, Juni 2013. < Details
  • (2014) ITA-Nachlese Nr. 3, Jänner 2014. < Details
  • (2014) ITA-Nachlese Nr. 4, Juli 2014. < Details
  • (2014) ITA-Nachlese Nr. 5, Dezember 2014. < Details
  • (Ed.), LSE Health (2000) The ASTEC Project Country Reports, Online report. Details
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